NECTAR SEAT CLAMP WITH BOTTLE OPENER // Seat collars designed to make your bike look gorgeous, hold your seat up, and to open your beer. What more do you want to know?

We developed the concept for Nectar around our tradition of going for beers after mountain bike rides. We like to do internal design projects as a sort of "palette cleanser" between projects. After going through the design process, we realized that NECTAR needed to be more than just a design- it needed to be on our bikes!


While we were working on NECTAR, we were also developing an interest in kickstarter. It seemed like a great tool to help get products to the people who will love them. Armed with this newfound interest, and a great design, we decided to go for it. We launched the Nectar and Elixir project. *


The kickstarter process was an amazing journey. It stretched us as designers, marketers, videographers, and publicity mongers. Through countless hours of working the SWARM network, and sending info out to our favorite blogs, we were rewarded with several great posts, including SolidSmackboingboingGizmodo, and... the WSJ blog?


With that, NECTAR was born.


NECTAR is a bolt on seat collar with an integrated bottle opener. It is designed to hold your seat exactly where you want it for maximum pedal power. NECTAR is offered in 4 sizes and it opens your beer. Simple, clean, awesome.


NECTAR (qr) is a quick release seat clamp with an integrated bottle opener. It has a high ratio lever with an ergonomic shape that is easy to lock down. When you lock your seat in place with NECTAR (qr), it stays where it's told. NECTAR (qr) is also offered in 4 sizes to fit and it opens your beer. Strong, easy, refreshing.



28.6, 30.0, 31.8, 34.9





And perhaps best of all- NECTAR is produced 100% in America. Locally machined, anodized, laser etched, and packed. In fact, we looked at the packaging as a design project of its own. Head to its project page to check it out.


*Please note that we've dropped the Elixir moniker, as the SRAM group uses it, and we didn't want to step on any toes. The product is now known as NECTAR, and NECTAR (qr).