PROJECT COASTER // When we designed Nectar, we knew that we wanted packaging that was as amazing as the product itself. We knew that we had to develop something with a premium feel that was easy on the eyes, retail friendly, and environmentally responsible. Enter Project Coaster.


The main goal of Project Coaster was to make the packaging for Nectar genuinely awesome. This meant considering how it would display the product, how it would fit into both retail and online spaces, how it would clearly communicate how the bottle opener works, how to work with all the different sizes and colors while clearly indicating each, and perhaps most importantly- reducing or eliminating waste.


While having a conversation about the project with an artist friend, she had a flash of genius. She had just purchased an old-school printing press, and thought it would be cool to make the package out of a coaster. This was perfect- the packaging all of a sudden became useful not only for displaying the bottle opener seat clamps, but would give you a place to put your beer when you used the opener! We knew we had a winner. From here, all the details fell into place quickly.


We developed artwork specifically for the letter press process. Since we were using old technology to make the cards, it only seemed fitting to go with a retro future theme. We cranked it out, added all the important content, and most importantly added a beer bottle strategically located to fit into the bottle opener feature when the clamp is mounted. Truly a work of hand crafted art.


When mounted, the seat clamp is actually upside down so the size that is laser etched onto the bottom is visible, thus indicating to retail customers what size they are looking at. The color of the clamp is also clearly visible.


The fact that the hang tag can be repurposed as a coaster is great because it will keep packaging materials out of landfills. We decided to take this even one step further, and use recycled pulp coaster stock. This means we're taking an already green material and using it to make packaging that people will want to keep instead of send to the landfill.


In the end, through Project Coaster, Nectar has packaging that is clear, simple, useful, and ultimately good for the environment.